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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strolling Along

Yesterday we had grandkids all day, and it was a busy day. The girls went home about 5, and then two little boys showed up at about 5:30. We hadn't walked yet, so we planned a route that we thought would be about 2 miles, popped the boys in the stroller, grabbed some water bottles, and off we went.

We forgot to take our pedometers, so we didn't get exact mileage, but I found a website where you can easily map and adjust a route, and according to it, we went 2.65 miles and burned about 357 calories. That's not accounting for pushing a big double stroller, though. It was a really good workout.

If we do it again, I will do one thing differently: oil the wheels of the stroller first. It's an old one, and it does squeak and squeal and even whistle as it goes along. The two-year-old kept leaning over and studying it, as though he was trying to figure out where all the noise was coming from.

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  1. Google Earth is really great for mapping out mileage, too.