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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


For Memorial Day I had a change of pace! We went swimming for about 45 minutes. Not just lazing in the water but actively playing with the kids, and believe me I was tired by the end, wobbly legs, etc. I just have to post some pictures of how cute these little guys are!

N. loved the water when he got used to it, especially if we were playing with him! 

J's a natural little waterbug!

 T. blowing kisses to his mom.

At first T was scared to try the ring...
Grammy forced him, controlling lady that I am! 

Here's T., after he discovered he really was safe, he had a bunch of fun.

R and his daddy, Dominic!

When I first came out in my swimsuit, T. patted my tummy and said, "Grammy, you're getting big for your suit!"  That kid will keep me motivated if he keeps this up!

A little later we realized he was wearing the swimsuit his brother needed, and I went to pull his off and realized he had nothing underneath. Duh! Anyway, I sent him off to change. When he came out he pulled up the bottom of my swimsuit a little and said, "Yep, you don't have anything under there either!" 

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  1. Kids really do say the darndest things don't they Grammy? Looks like you all had a fun time...take care.