My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, June 21, 2010


That's me, and not just today either. I've struggled all week to get going.  I'm just feeling tired and run down.

Today, even a sticker is not motivating me. Nor the idea of missing a day, though if I can finish up June I will have exercised 6 days a week for 6 straight months. I've got a goal to walk at least 10 miles a week. My online partner walked 16 miles last week. I would like to catch up with her.  And even that is not motivating me. Nor is being skinny or healthy. I'm just blah. Apathetic. Uncaring. Lethargic.

I wonder how many similar words I can find if I use a thesaurus. I guess I better get off and go walk 2 miles whether I'm motivated or not. Just grit my teeth and work up a little "have-to" and do it. Ack.

A hot bath is so-o-o-o tempting right now.

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  1.'s the summer heat. Just grit your teeth and get'er done. Then you can feel smug!

    I was so excited to step out of bed this morning and be able to walk across the room. Congratulate yourself that you aren't as dumb as I am! (and then go walk!) :)