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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Official Miss

I finally missed a day of officially working out. I suppose I could count the 2+ hours I spent wandering around Walmart pushing a cart with a heavy bag of potting soil and air mattress in it. But it feels like cheating.

And then I missed today. I worked hard for a little while, gardening and hanging up clothes, but I did not do an official walk.

I met a man today who went on a Boy Scout trip and they said "Bob can walk to the Meadows. He's in shape!"  He said they've got it wrong. It's not "Bob can walk because he's in shape" but "Bob is in shape because he walks." Bob is at least 5 years older than me, probably more because he said he moved here in 1974, when his wife started grad school. So I guess he's pushing 60.

Well, at the rate I'm going I'll have to change my goal to Skinny by Sixty! However, I do not intend to fail. Tomorrow I hit it again! At least one mile.  And I did so well on the trip too; I guess I just got lazy or tired today. Or distracted.

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  1. Hey Lynn!!

    Don't beat yourself up. Call it a mental health day!

    Enjoy your walk today!