My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We're moving. To Iowa. From Utah. And I am not ready. And my exercise program has gone out the window. Except that I'm pretty sure I'm weight-lifting. And walking. Packing boxes aerobically. We try to get in at least a mile every day, but seriously missed even that due to fatigue from all the other physical activity. 

So, do I count packing and cleaning and shoving boxes around as exercise? It's not "sticking with my program" but I am physically more tired and sore than ever, worse than the sculpting class.  Or am I just making excuses?

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  1. Oh No...packing, lifting, taping and otherwise schlepping boxes COUNTS as exercise! Doubt me? Weigh one of those babies and keep track of how many times you pick up and put down, shove across the floor or otherwise manipulate the darned thing. It's just like lifting at the gym, only bulkier and more annoying. Throw a pedometer onto your waistband and see how much walking you are actually getting in going back and forth, back and forth. I'd be willing to bet you're getting in at least a mile or so.

    If you're tired at the end of the day with sore muscles, then yes, packing and cleaning COUNT as exercise!

    Wow - Iowa. I'd love to move somewhere with lots of green grass and trees!