My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, July 30, 2010

Who Am I Kidding?

I am so down and struggling right now. Yesterday I didn't do a darn thing all day. Not even walk a mile. Today was a little better, but I haven't walked yet. I at least took a shower and dressed, paid some bills, and got my husband's car registered in Iowa--which is a laugh, because the car is still in Utah.  It will be here in about 3 weeks, but the Utah registration expires tomorrow. 

I've been eating and eating, but mostly good, healthy foods, so that's good at least. Fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, high-fiber cereal with rice or soy milk, that sort of thing. I think this move just derailed me. And we've only done half of it. I'm just exhausted, and sore, and lonely, and bored.

So, it looks like I need to pick myself up and leave the pity party.

Have fun without me, you miserable party-poopers. Time for some motion. Shake up the place. Or at least march to an exercise drummer, not a gee-I-feel-so-sorry for-myself drummer.

I got the picture at another blog; I don't know where she got it!


  1. You can do this! Exercise will help you to feel better and get out of your funk. Remember: the hardest part about exercising is putting on your tennis shoes! Do that, and then you have no excuse to walk out the door or put on that dvd. And putting on your tennis shoes isn't all that hard to do. Go Lynn! I believe in you!

  2. Came over by way of MMB...I think it's great that you're putting your health in focus, and yes! it is more difficult in the moving process!
    So be gentle with yourself and re-focus when you can!
    You can do it! I've lost 20 pounds since March, and it's just a matter of following the South Beach diet--kinda, and doing ZUMBA! No kidding!
    When I hit the 20 lb. mark on the scale, I about jumped outta my skin! YESSS! And I'll be 49 in November! Hang in there!

  3. Oh Baby! Moving stinks, and yes, it's a huge emotional drain. I'm crashing this pity party and dragging you outta there!

    Come walk with me today. I'm doing 2 miles at lunchtime. On the treadmill indoors, because it's 106 today, but walking nonetheless.