My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere

I started this post at about 9 a.m., retaining water, having regained back the 1.4 pounds I lost, putting me at 200 even again.  And how did this happen?

I spent Thursday and Friday at a church conference with some very awesome Mormon youth!  Thursday evening there was a dance. Fun!  

We spent three hours on Friday cleaning up a historical village, pulling weeds, picking up trash, and clearing out dead brush.  We even got on the news! 

After a short lunch, we had an afternoon of games at the park, followed by a luau (dinner/dance) at a different park pavilion. It was a long, hot day on my feet, and my whole body protested by retaining water again!  

Saturday morning was also spent with the youth, and I think Saturday afternoon disappeared in a wave of fatigue.  Sunday I got up too tired to do much, so I skipped church and slept from 10 until about 3.  I had a 4:00 meeting, so I  quickly showered, and on impulse weighed again, finding myself a whopping 2.2 pounds lighter than 6 hours earlier!  So that puts my weight at 197.8.  I'll take it!

The other effect of the fatigue is that I'm a basket case.  My 4:00 meeting was canceled but I didn't know it so I showed up, (dragged myself out of bed, showered, had a quick snack, and drove over there, for nothing) and the whole thing made me cry. How stupid is that? 

So I'm a waterworks. Water, Water, Everywhere.  I think I'll go make some lemonade just for a change!


  1. Your youth conference sounded fun!

    It's a great feeling to lose that extra water weight, huh?

    Fatigue and tears seem to go hand in hand for me. Sorry you went to all that effort for nothing.

  2. The canceled meeting was probably a blessing; I had time to spend with my husband once I got up, including the challenge walk I posted about today.

    It was a fun conference; it made me want to be 15 again.