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Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily Challenge Walk & Photos

Yesterday's Daily Challenge was to go for a walk and take at least three pictures with a camera or cellphone.  Here are my pictures:

This rock puzzled me for a while. That house was not built in 1846! 
The whole neighborhood is post-WWII Tract homes. 
I finally figured out it is the house number.

With the telephoto and flash I was able to get a pretty nice view of the lilies. They would look white in the daytime but the darkness brought out the yellow in them.

I like the contrast between the dark tree and the evening sky.

It's kind of hard to see, but the siding on this house is two colors. 
Did they run out of time and money, or do they just like it that way?  
Notice that the side door is blue.


  1. What a fun challenge!! I was going to sign up, but I didn't like that I would have to sign up through Facebook.

    I like your pictures...and that was funny about the address on the rock.

  2. I don't sign up for many things through Facebook but I made an exception for this one. It does bother me when I can't just sign up independently. This challenge is really good for me, though.

  3. I LOVE daylilies! They are so pretty, especially the double ruffled ones.

    Dark trees against sky? That's about all I see of the outdoors these's just to darned hot during the day! Thank goodness my bike has a light and my neighborhood has no pass through traffic so I can ride in the dark. :)

    Good job on getting out and walking!