My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, November 4, 2011

Food Challenges!

I had an extensive blood test done for food sensitivities. It showed up some important things.  For the next three or four months at least, I will avoid gluten, any dairy products whatsoever, and several other minor irritants.  Dairy was the big one, not just lactose, but whey and casein.  Not even butter for me! 

The second part of it is to rotate the foods I do eat. They gave me a handy chart with suggestions for rotation, and a booklet of recipes (which mixes up all the foods from different days!)

I think I will follow the rotation strictly for a few days, and then just mix and match and make sure I eat a good variety.

Hopefully I can start feeling better soon. The good news was that my cortisol levels were good (another test) so I don't need adrenaline support.  Hurray for that!

The doctor recommended a kind of supplement to help heal the gastrointestinal system, but it turns out to have ginger in it--one of the things on my "no" list.  I'll have to see what else she would recommend for me.

So, wish me luck! I hope this is not another yellow brick road leading to a non-existent Oz.

That reminds me, Glinda the Good Witch told Dorothy the secret of the shoes, right?  So why didn't she just tell her right away?  First she had to go through all that trouble!  That's bugged me for a while.


  1. dairy. That would be tough for me. I love milk, butter, and cheese! But I know that feeling better and healthier makes it worth the trouble. I hope that's where this path will lead you.

    And good observations about Glinda. Sometimes we do have to go through troubles, and trial and error, before answers come. You are right.

  2. We watched that silly movie last night where the male ghost knew from the beginning what he needed to tell the female (headstrong) ghost so that he could move back into heaven. He delayed because he knew that she would not have believed him until she was ready. So it went with Glinda and Dorothy.