My Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Milestone--and Epic Quinoa Fail!

I hit a milestone--on the way down! I never thought I would be glad to see that particular weight, but for now it's a good thing. I just don't want to see it again!

I thought for breakfast it would be tasty to stir apples and allspice into my quinoa. To simplify, I mixed them together in the rice cooker. I don't know if I didn't put in enough water or what, but when I got out of the shower and dressed, I smelled burning food. Oh no! And by this time I am really getting hungry.

Luckily I had some frozen cooked quinoa, so I popped some into the microwave with another cut up apple and allspice. 

After all that--was it delicious?

It was!  I put on a little coconut milk and ate it just like oatmeal.


  1. I've done that with peaches, like a peaches and cream quinoa. :-)

  2. I've gotta try this quinoa stuff! I'm putting it on my grocery list right now.