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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Manners are Nice!

Every year or so, our church hosts a dinner to teach manners to the youth.  It's good fun, and we were asked to be the "host couple" at one of the tables.

I ate lunch at about 3:00, which was a good thing, but by the time dinner was served at 7:00, I was pretty hungry.  I expected a bit of trouble, though.

Appetizers came out...okay, keep in mind the men were in charge here...mozzarella sticks and rolls with margarine.  Nix on all of those for the dairy and wheat.

Next was a salad; I ate mine plain without the ranch dressing.

The main course was either fettucine alfredo or spaghetti with meatballs. I asked for meatballs and sauce on my plate...taking a chance on the meatballs not having filler...but I never even got to one.  One bite of the sauce made me aware of parmesan cheese in it.  I quietly gave my meatballs to my husband.

Dessert, which I never eat anyway, was brownies topped with ice cream.  I was amused watching the youth try to figure out how to deal with rock hard brownies when they had already given up their knives and forks with their plates. 

I quietly suggested they push off the ice cream and eat the brownie with their fingers; it is a cookie, after all. So one of the girls picked hers up, mashed it into the top of the ice cream, and then bit into it.  Ah well, we did try.

They showed very nice manners throughout the rest of the meal.  I told them about the time we went on a company paid cruise, and ended up sitting at the head table with the vice-president of our very large corporation. It was nice to feel confident with my manners there.

I did not tell them about how all the men started flipping spoons at the end of the meals! I swear the VP started it--who else would have dared?  And--shocking!--picked them up off the floor to do it again!

When it was over, I went home and cooked up a bowl of millet to eat with peaches and did just fine!

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