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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Once upon a time, I was a member of 4-H.  I don't remember much about it except for the 4 H's. But those H's are something I've thought about off and on throughout my life.

H is for:


All of those are important aspects of fitness.

Getting fit is good for the heart.  Exercise gives it a workout pumping more blood, which strengthens it. Eating healthy helps keep the arteries from getting blocked.  And you've got to put your heart into it if you're going to stay motivated and stick with it.

Hands control what goes in the mouth.  I think a lot of obesity simply stems from "Hand-to-Mouth Disease." When you put food in your mouth all day long, it puts on fat.  I'm trying to keep my hands busy doing other things, unless I am really hungry.  On a weekend trip, I did a lot of knitting or resting in the car, to keep from doing the usual "bored-and-tired-on-the-road-snacking."  Obviously, I wasn't driving.

You've got to use your head to plan, to recognize diet scams and misinformation.  And when you exercise, it makes your head clearer.

Health is my main reason for watching my weight, but I have to admit appearance plays a factor.



Okay, that's not part of 4-H.  It was just another H I thought of when I was trying to come up with a word. I once said to my mother that I have wide hips to start with, and they were spread out from having children.  Her comment was that their width depends on what's currently between them.  Ouch!  My own mother!  I guess I should be kind of glad she can't see me now. Not really, though. I miss her a lot. She's been gone over 10 years. The times I miss her most is when I have good news. Happy news is meant to be shared.  Guess what, Mom!  My son's graduating from college this year.  Guess what, Mom!  I'm going back to school.  Guess what, Mom!  Through the years those moments have been hardest, but I hope she is up in Heaven getting the news.  She always rejoiced at the things that made us happy. So, I guess that's my last H--


It's meant to be shared.  I am grateful I am not alone in the world,  because even though I miss Mom, I have others to talk to when things happen, whether big or small.  I love Facebook for that.  And cell phones, e-mail, text messaging, and even old-fashioned hand-written letters.  What are you happy about right now?  With whom will you share it?  Now go and do it.  Have a happy day.

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