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Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kickboxing, Karate, and Kakuro

Quick Quiz:  Which of those three is not exercise?  What is it?

I was stretching to get K's today.  Kickboxing and Karate are both great exercises, if you can do them. I can't.  The short, choppy movements are too hard on my body.  But it's okay.  I find things I can do, things that don't hurt my knees.

Hey, I should have just gone with...

K is for Knees.  

My sister told me that for every x- number of extra pounds, it creates y- amount of stress on the knees.  I can't remember the numbers but it was scary. Researching this, I am finding numbers like 3 and 4 times as much as the weight.  So if I weigh 75 pounds more than I did when I was young and healthy, I am putting 225 to 300 times as much stress on my knees as I should.  It appears I am doing more damage to my knees just by being overweight than by extreme exercise.  

I'm sure it's not just the knees, either. The entire body supports the weight. More incentive to keep going! 

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