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Saturday, April 9, 2016

I honor the lotus-flower feet of all the gurus

Today, instead of personal reflection, I am posting a link.

Feet in Yoga: From the Ground Up

A few of my favorite quotes:

Just as the foundation of a temple must be level to support all the structures above, so the feet must be balanced and sturdy to support the legs, spine, arms, and head.
 Our bodies are mobile temples, and our feet are required to be flexible and adjustable. 
 The practice of yoga postures can transform our relationship with our feet. Practicing barefoot, we develop greater feel for the ground below. As we become more intimate with our feet, they also become stronger and more mobile. 
Thanks to my cousin Karen Groscup-Murphy for posting a link to this article on Facebook.  Karen says: 
I love the thread the feet have from teaching early development and yoga to kids as an OT to my own yoga practice. Awareness of the feet is the first thing I look at when fostering motor skills starting with finding the feet with hands in supine, then finding the connection of the toes and earth to begin crawling, and finally pushing against the earth to stand.
Finding the feet with my sensory kiddo's is the first thing I teach to help them find their bodies in space, to ground them with a "I am here" way when proprioceptive is not perceived well by the nervous system. 
When I see difficulties in balance, again, these kids benefit from strategies to begin connecting to their feet with their eyes and the earth. When I fall out of standing poses, I laugh to myself, as the first thing I do, is reroot my feet before I try again! Cheers to our feet 😉!!

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