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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In no particular order, unless two go together, here are other pictures from my walk last week. They're just kind of fun. And no, I am not going to be a dad!  I just thought it was neat, and it reminded me of my sons when their babies were born, and of my husband proudly carrying around our first-born.

Write printing on a blue background. "I'm so excited to be a dad!"

Sculpture of a cube with concave sides, cast aluminum.Sign that identifies the sculpture. John Simms "Imploding Cube"

Tree in bloom with dark pink blossoms, green leafy tree as background behind it.

Row of trees in bloom with bright pink blossoms, taller trees with little foliage among them, wooden rail fence in foreground.

No bikes allowed sign
Sign at the beginning of the
dirt trail that goes off of the paved trail.
Bike tire tracks in the mud.
Tracks from the critters that can't understand
the picture on the sign, or why it is there.

Dog print in mud
Dog print
smaller dog print in mud.
Probably another dog print.

Raccoon footprint in sand

Front and back raccoon paw prints in sand
Raccoon, front and back.
Notice how it has "fingers." 

Carpenter ant on round green leaf.
Carpenter Ant
Carpenter ant on round green leaf plant with tiny purple flower.
Same carpenter ant. He was quick.

Large tudor-style apartment building amid trees, behind wrought-iron fence.
This gives the feeling of huge manor house in English countryside.
In reality, it is an apartment complex. What at beautiful setting to live in.

Graffiti--"It's impossible not to draw on everything when I'm handed a pen" and a drawing of a girl. Silver ink on royal blue background.
A fellow doodler. I want to buy the right color pen and go
write on one of these. I've always wanted to graffiti something
but I don't want to deface public property.
There's just something about leaving your mark
on the world.

Sculpture graffiti, "If it rains look for rainbow. If it's dark look for stars.  White on navy blue, illustrated with stars, Saturn, and a crescent moon.

Sculpture graffiti--silver on dark blue--"Beets turn your pee red!"  Underneath, on separate tile--"False--Dwight Schrute" and "I second, False!"  Caption "The truth lies somewhere in between?"
The truth lies somewhere in between?

Sculpture graffiti: "Avoid Drama Break a sweat daily--Secret to Life."  White on Navy Blue.

Spider on sand.
Jumpy little spider. I had to get close and move very slowly to get this photo.

Spider on a piece of wood.
Spider on a log. He thought he was hidden so he sat very still.
He really did blend in with the stick until I got close.

Spider on a piece of wood--taken with a zoom lens.
Same spider, even closer. Sshhh, don't tell my husband. I always
expect him to deal with spiders in the house. 

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