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Saturday, April 2, 2016

My First Big Bicycle Adventure

I got up and the weather was beautiful and sunny--just right for a first bike ride!  I gathered a jacket, gloves, and my phone and headed for the garage.  I had the thought that I should check my tires--and a good thing I did!  They both had very little pressure in them, though you couldn't tell it by looking at them.  I have a little electric pump, so I grabbed it and started to fill the tires.

And that's where the problems began. One of them was twisted, leaving the valve tube at a slant, a sure way to get a future flat tire.  Try as I might, I could not turn the tire to straighten it. A little later my husband came home, and he could not turn it either.

We thought we had bike tools, but we couldn't find any so he went to the store after a late breakfast and bought the tool kit and a spare tube.  After that it took him only a few minutes to straighten up that tire, fill it, and take the bike for a quick spin to test it.

At last, I got on the bike and rode--The sky had clouded over and the wind had come up, but I rode anyway--for all of about ten minutes. He says "maybe fifteen."  By then I had concluded that the springs or something needs oil because it is squeaky, and that I am going to buy a jelly seat or one with three-inch padding.

At any rate, it was a good start.

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