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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday Fat Yoga

If you happen to glance into the dance room on a Friday morning at the gym, you will see a yoga class going on. This class is not the young, hip, thin crowd you visualize at yoga. Most of us are over 45, overweight, and stiff. But we are in there doing it! We don't care what others think because yoga is so good for us, at whatever level we can do it. Even our teacher is past 45, I'm pretty sure.

You can laugh and make comments if you like, but try walking in our shoes. Actually, we take them off for class!

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  1. That sounds much more fun than when I took the yoga class on campus with all the young skinny students. Even the one older lady besides myself was thin. In other words, I was the oldest and tubbiest one in there. In a room surrounded by mirrors. Ugh. But yoga was still good for me! :)