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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Juan Moore and The Birthday

Well, I had the big 5-0 Birthday.  

I'll talk about being 50 another day.

For my birthday, I take care of myself. Anything else is a lovely surprise. If I want a cake, I bake it. This year I didn't. Didn't want it, didn't bake it. What I did do for myself was go to the doctor and get my lab results to get my thyroid medicine adjusted. Then I took my husband to lunch.  We enjoyed a nice lunch out, and then it was back to work for both of us.

In the evening, I paid bills awhile, timing it so we could watch a movie and end by 10:00, at which point I would start getting ready for bed. Since I putter a bit, this usually gets me into bed by 11:00. In the middle of bill-paying my husband came in with a dozen red roses and a couple of other small gifts. That was very nice.

At some point in the evening I checked Facebook and was pleasantly surprised at how many people posted a happy birthday wish for me.  My sister sent me an Amazon gift card. That was an extra surprise. Two of my sons posted birthday wishes, one of them calling me an "awesome mom."  Another little gift.

What I didn't count on was Juan Moore.The phone started ringing, and I talked well past bedtime. It was just
Juan Moore phone call, followed by another. I still need to call my sister and daughter-in-law. But I am happy with Juan Moore just this once.  Those loving phone calls from family members gave me several very pleasant birthday surprises. I'll forgive my jester, at least Juan Moore time, since it's a special day.


  1. I know Juan Moore! We're good friends. My husband is always saying that it's really really hard to get me to go to bed. I do have a little more incentive, though, because he generally doesn't go to bed without me. His parents always went to bed at the same time, so in his mind, that's what married couples do. I feel bad enough about keeping him up late that it actually forces me to go to bed earlier than usual. It's kindof nice, because then I get into a routine of getting up earlier, which makes me tired earlier, etc. It's hard, though, to stop doing "things" earlier in the evening and get on with the business of relaxing before bed.

    Happy Birthday, Aunt Lynn!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Lynn!!

    Yeah, we'll forgive Juan Moore this time for the intrusion, because it was such a nice Birthday Suprise.

    However - I've been racking my brain for eviction ideas. I'm a lark by nature, so this is taking some serious thinking.

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts about turning fifty. I'm almost there myself.

  3. Chelsea--Juan says Hi. He misses you.

    Angela--Juan appreciates your forgiveness. He is deathly afraid of your eviction ideas.