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Friday, December 10, 2010

Monster Computer

I have an addiction.
I am addicted to the computer.

that computer just reaches out its tentacles and grabs for me every time I walk into the room.  It lures me like a siren. It mocks me. It traps me. It promises all kinds of fun and games, and then delivers hours of wasted time.

I made a new rule:

Computer stays off until my daily goals are met!

But somehow Wednesday the monster took over.

I pushed that little button and it lit up all blue and happy for me and I was lost for a couple of hours.
I did not work out.


But yesterday I won.
And today I won.
But that's why I didn't post for a couple of days.
I was leaving the computer off
and then it was late.

and it's late now.
so goodnight.

Happy after
yoga yesterday
1 mile today!

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