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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sneaky Saturday

Saturday is a special day.
It's the day we get ready for Sunday--

And go out on dates

participate in church activities, 

decorate Christmas trees,

do a little shopping, 

and have friends over.

It's also a high-demand day at my tutoring job, since many students have Saturday off of work.  Today was the last day of fall break so I didn't have to work.  

We combined date with church activity, which was a nativity display with hundreds of beautiful creches on display. We had friends over and they helped decorate our Christmas tree.  We did a little Christmas shopping in between.

And exercise...well, I decided on Saturdays I will just do a mile, just fit it in somewhere.  Of course, I'm only at a mile right now so today was a normal workout.

So today, after our visitors around 7:30, I took a little nap, because although it was a fun day it was exhausting. But I set a timer for 12 minutes, and then I woke up, and I looked at the pretty Christmas tree, and I asked myself,

"Which is more important, reaching my goal or taking a longer nap?"  I sat there for a very short debate, and then I got up and...

I walked a  mile!

The verse--the first two lines-- is by Rita Robinson, in Children's Songbook, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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