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Monday, June 13, 2011

Help! Cheeeesy Potatoes!

Saturday I had a party at my house, so we decided to go out to dinner so we wouldn't mess up the kitchen.  We picked Ruby Tuesday, a midwest chain, because we had a coupon there.

I decided on a small steak, but the side choices were cheesy potatoes and broccoli. All I could see was fat fat fat, and I eat broccoli at home all the time. Then the waitress said we could choose any sides we wanted.

I ordered Grilled Zucchini and Tomato with Vinaigrette. Then I traded a couple of slices of tomato for a few of my husband's sugar snap peas. It was beautiful on the plate and tasted pretty good too. I wasn't very hungry, so I saved about half the steak and zucchini.  My husband didn't finish off his rice pilaf so we stuck it in a box with the rest of my food.

This made the perfect balanced lunch for Sunday.

Unfortunately, I think I drank 500 calories of sparkling apple juice at the party!

Here's the recipe for inexpensive sparkling apple juice:
1 can frozen apple juice (12 oz.)
3 cans seltzer water
Makes about 48 oz. sparkling juice.

I guess the other ladies liked it too, because I had three bottles of flavored soda, and they drank about a third of the bottle of strawberry soda, and about 3 quarts of the sparkling juice.

The sparkling juice can be done with club soda, but I cut out extra salt wherever I can and I like the purer flavor of the seltzer water. It's good with cranberry and other juice flavors too.

I only had one small plate of snacks at the party, plus a little extra fruit, not filling up and practically making a second dinner out of it as I have been prone to do.  Yay for me!


  1. Yeah on not choosing cheesy potatoes! Oh, potatoes are my nemesis. I love them in all shapes and sizes, ESPECIALLY with cheese!

  2. Cheese and potatoes... so good, yet so lethal! Way to go on making a different choice!

  3. Hey...we have Ruby Tuesday's on the East Coast, too! (Just sayin'...) I like their new summer squash side dish...and I LOVE it that they have calorie counts on their menu!