My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hold those abs!

I made a pretty new skirt and had T take some pictures. I didn't like the way they looked, so I had him count to three and pulled my abs as tight as possible.  The result, below, is hilarious.  Here's incentive to keep working my goals, anyway!


  1. Okay BESIDES the uber tightened abs, you know what else I notice in the second picture? Look at your shoulders compared to the first. They are held square and back where they should be instead of rolled forward!

    So forget the abs (for now)...remember what your Mom said...stand up straight, shoulders back and down, chin up!

    LOVE the pink skirt!!! It's beautiful!

  2. Thanks, I hadn't noticed that. It's something my physical therapist worked with me on but I've gotten lax lately.

    Thanks for the compliment too! I've got some other skirts and tops in the works too.

  3. Great incentive to work those abs! Love the skirt!