My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Update, Slimmer this Summer

I went to camp. I didn't take my pedometer but I wished I had. I forgot that part of my commitment.

I walked. and walked. and walked. Over and over again, until finally Thursday night I couldn't walk to the bathrooms one more time.  I got into my car and drove to a nearby campground with a bathroom with a parking lot attached.  Two leaders quickly joined me, and two of the girls didn't mind a ride either.

When I went later (I always take two bathroom stops at night!) one of the girls offered to be my buddy. She thought it was a fun secret that we slipped over to the "flush toilets" in the car.

I found out tonight that our young women's president (an adult in her 60's) was driving over there every night all week!  I also found out she had blisters from Monday on, which I could have been treating for her with my handy moleskin and lidocaine antiseptic wash.

She's not a whiner.  Sometimes it pays to be a whiner.

When it came time to volunteer to go on hikes with the girls--and this was only Tuesday-- we sat and waited for a short hike to be announced. Passed on the three miler, then on the five miler, then another three. We had heard there were one and a half mile hikes for some of the girls. Then they announced that they needed a few leaders to stay back at the shelter and put up a volleyball net. Our hands shot up!  Best of all, a couple of the men stayed back, and they did the net for us!

Note to self: all this walking was a good start. Keep it up.  

Did I mention that I hurt everywhere and my feet were swollen up Friday night and Saturday?  I went to bed every night of camp with incredible pain in my legs, and two nights I gave up and took a muscle relaxant and ibuprofen.  I had to sleep somehow.

Anyway, I wish I knew how far I had walked. 

With all that, I did lose weight. 0.4 lbs.  Maybe it'll be a little better tomorrow. I think I still have a tiny bit of swelling in my feet, and who knows where else. I did not log my food but I should have because I know I ate too much. However I think I also used up all that energy and then some.  I was so tired by the time we went home on Friday that I ran a red light, took a wrong turn, missed a mailbox by inches, and started crying (fortunately after I dropped off all the girls.)

Yoga, anyone?  Right after another nap.


  1. Oh my gosh, Sounds like you need more than just one nap! What a week, but good job on the loss.

  2. I too was out of my routine with staying in Lexington, KY, all week and driving the armored van. I was in a motel room, ate out a lot, and got in 0 exercise. I will be weighing tomorrow morning. I have two weeks of really good losses so I can handle whatever the scale shows me in the morning. This week will be back to where I am in control of my surroundings and my food intake. Hopefully you will be back to normal as well.

  3. Bless you! Wow, I'm not sure I would have survived! I, too, would have been swollen and sore--and crying? Oh yeah! And I probably wouldn't have waited until I dropped off the campers!

  4. Wow, what a week! A loss is a loss, take it with pride and keep on track with your goals.

  5. Nice on the walking, it would have been interesting to see how far you've walked. Oh well. Hope the feet get a bit of rest and don't stay swollen. Keep it up though and maybe you've gained some muscle and will continue to be able to walk a lot!

  6. I loved this post! At least your crying came at the end of camp. One of the first times I went to Girl's Camp as a leader, my tears came the very first night when I only had enough energy left to stretch out on my cot and cry while tears puddled in my ears. But I love camp and would do it again in a heart beat!

  7. Good Job, Lynn! Once you settle in, and the water weight wanes, you should lose a little more! Water weight? Yeah, when you overtax your muscles with LOTS of exercise, they rebel, swell and hold water for a little while.

    So glad you got back safely!

  8. Excellent work on the walking!! and bravo to a loss, too. Stay strong!