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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Twist on an Old Soda

At Christmas, one son brought a couple of bottles of soda to share.  One was 7-up, which I grew up thinking was the ultimate cure for an upset stomach.  Grandpa always had some on hand for his whiskey and he would share (the 7-up, not the whiskey!) if we didn't ask too often, so it's always been a favorite of mine.

Now that I know how bad for you it is, I have sworn off of it. Whether sugar or aspartame, no thank you.  Anyway, this soda is pale purple 7-up. I was highly amused at the label proudly declaring "anti-oxidant" all over it. Apparently the addition of the tiny amount of antioxidant added makes it healthy. Thanks anyway; I think I'll go eat some grapes.

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