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Friday, December 9, 2011

Saying No

Saying no to treats is so much easier now.  Most people take a simple "no, thank you" but some people push it, saying things like, "They're really good! Try one!"  I guess it hurts their feelings for anyone to say no.  Like, "I made this to share and you won't even taste it."

A secondary comment does the job, especially now that I have a new one.  People don't get "I don't eat sugar" as easily as "Sorry, I'm gluten intolerant."  Now it's not their problem, it's mine, and they say okay and move on.

I love the smell of chocolate. I opened a tube of m&m's for a little boy yesterday, held them to my nose for a long inhale, and said, "Those smell really good!"  He smiled a big smile as I handed them back.  There was no danger of snitching one because I got over that long ago, and there is dairy in milk chocolate;  besides who would snitch even a mini m&m from a 3-year-old? I wasn't born to be the Grinch.

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  1. I can soooo relate to how people respond when you turn down treats. I've actually NOT been invited to parties because people knew I didn't eat treats. They admitted they felt uncomfortable "imbibing" in my presence, even though I've assured friends over and over that it does not bother me to be around people eating sweets.

    (By the way, I got a big smile out of your statement, "I wasn't born to be the Grinch." Cute! So glad you didn't snitch candy from a "baby." :)