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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mile Marker 5

I just finished mile 5. I could count it as 181 or so, but I am being honest with myself and starting clear over. If I was walking on roads, I'd be about halfway to Salt Lake City.

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  1. So fun! I totally approve... both of the blog and the projects. Good stuff.

    As for the chocolate thing... I'll admit, I've been tempted a couple of times. I was expecting that. There's always an initial transition period in which you have to decide how much your convictions really mean to you. :) I haven't caved yet! And I expect it to get easier as I continue.

    My diet, on the other hand, is having a rougher time enduring the transition phase in this second week after Christmas. Wish me luck!

    Just FYI... I just tried to post this comment on your other blog, but it wouldn't let me. If you're not getting comments, that may be why.