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Monday, February 22, 2010

True Confessions!

I think I'm boring everyone, so time for a juicy confession!

You know that list of rules I made? I can't keep it! I lasted about a day. I still do the crossword puzzle over breakfast! I don't have enough self-discipline to do that list. Will power is nonexistent. So, what to do?

I am currently following the TOPS 28-day meal plan. I guess I need to be told what to do. So far this is working  better for me. I'm on day 5. I know it'll get boring after a while, but I figure I can do 4 weeks and then evaluate from there.

I ran out of chocolate chips about a month ago so I am not snacking on them constantly, though I do sometimes crave chocolate. And I am still walking at least a mile a day. Those little blue stickers for my calendar make a big difference to my determination.

Maybe it's just easier to follow a positive rule (eat this) than a negative one (don't do that.) Something to think about.

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