My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I Hate About Being Fat

I went shopping today and I really had to look at the mirrors. In doing so, I came to the sad realization that my belly sticks out further than my behind, or other significant anatomical parts. I look like I am pregnant! 6 months pregnant! I hate this!

I knew I needed new clothes that fit, but two sizes up in blouses? This was not a good experience, though I did find some really cute things, spent too much money, and feel like I can go out in public again.

Note to big-bellied self: don't bother trying on straight skirts again. They are not slimming when they go in just below the belly. Something with a little more fullness would look better.

Pet peeve: plus size tops with a band at the bottom--same idea as the straight skirts. Let me put on a belt or something to emphasize what waist I do have, not highlight the fact that it sticks out by bringing the garment in right below it. And here's a great example of what not to wear! Looks even worse in silver!

Pet peeve # 2: Plus size clothes modeled on skinny people. Come on, let's see what it will look like on someone built like me!


  1. You are sooooo right. Why do they have slim models for plus size clothing? I think they should have a section for women with a pear shape, and a section for women shaped like an apple, etc. so we can see what clothes look best for our shape.

  2. I agtee, realistic models would make far more sense and be much more helpful.