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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weights as a Metaphor

I was doing a 3 mile walk with light weights yesterday, and it got me to thinking. Carrying a little extra burden builds strength, but I have to do it right. Leslie told us to hold the weight balls as loosely as we can without dropping them. It doesn't do any good to drop the ball in the middle of a movement, but if I hold it too tightly, it creates tension and can do damage to my muscles.

The second part of the process is self-control. I must control my own movements, because if I go flailing around every which way, I can really be hurt, even though it is such a little weight. I have to monitor myself and pace myself to do it right.

Leslie always says that if it is too hard, it's okay to slow down for a little bit--just not quit. Taking it easy now and then is good,  as long as I persevere through most of it.

Isn't that just like life? In life I don't always get to control the extra burden I carry, but if I do it right it can make me strong. I shouldn't hold too tightly to my problems, because I only add tension and strain. It's okay to let go now and then and have a little fun. It's even healthy! It's okay to take a break and get distracted and even forget my problems now and then. I just can't quit dealing with them altogether or they will overwhelm me completely, but if I endure to the end I'll grow stronger little by little.

Self-control is important too, even when I am angry or devastated by my burdens. I can't control anyone else after all, but I need to monitor and temper my own movements, my own reactions to the weights put upon me. I should also pace myself. I can't expect instant healing, instant resolution to things, or to do a big project all at once. But if I pace myself, I can build my emotional, spiritual, and mental muscles as well as my physical ones.

Last but not least, in life I should have a guide, just as Leslie guides me in my exercise. For me, that guide is Jesus Christ. He counsels me to be temperate, loving, kind, steadfast, diligent, and many other character traits. He teaches me how to properly bear life's burdens, if I am willing to read His books and listen to His counsel through prophets and church leaders.

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