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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Black Eye

Minor setback: On Monday I got hit by a board while working out in the garage. Darn thing just fell on me. I hollered and cried and yelled, pretty much in that order, and then I went in the house for an ice pack and Anthony called the nurse helpline. They pretty much said "ice it and take it easy for a couple of days."

Luckily I'd already done my workout, and I only had a two-miler yesterday, so that wasn't too bad. Today I'm facing a three, and probably going to skip and do a one-mile walk. So much for progress!

I'm amazed at how tired this has made me. I slept over two hours in the daytime yesterday and today. I've got a minor sore throat, and Dallen has a cold, so maybe I've got a cold coming on too and this just compounded it.  Sleepy or not, I will walk. And head to the store for some more Airborne! I will not give in!

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  1. Owie! Personally, I would have also uttered a few choice words in addition to crying and hollering. Be careful and keep walking!