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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pear-Shaped Body

I was looking at a magazine one day and commented to my husband that a certain style would not look good on me because I have a pear-shaped body. He responded: Oh, don't put yourself down!

I explained to him that magazines use those labels commonly to help you identify your body type and know what styles to wear and which to avoid at all costs.  Here's an example of why I don't wear things that are poofy or frilly around the hips. Something that calls attention to the upper body is much better for me.

Well, anyway, I found a total of 12 body shapes described by Trinny and Susannah.  They go beyond the typical pear, apple, triangle, block and hourglass (Think Marilyn Monroe, who despite what you may have heard, was not a size 16!) I decided that by their standards I'm more of a bowling pin than a pear.

I think I may have just found my next Halloween costume!



  1. I inherited a "pear" shape body too. It's frustrating when trying to buy suits (jacket too big, pants or skirt too small) or matching top/bottom sets. GRRR. And those cute layers with the tank coming over the hips with a little shirt over the top? Forget about it (for me)! BUT...I try to take comfort in the studies that reveal that fat around the lower body does less damage to the heart than fat around the upper body (like "apple" shapes). Of course, when in the dressing rooms trying on clothes, that frustration still raises its ugly head. *sigh*

  2. Yeah, Trudy...and let's no even mention swimsuits! Oh my, trying to fit it around the hips and top both...and of course I just have to wear a one-piece. I'm considering a tankini for my next one...the kind where you buy the parts separately.

  3. I'm a pear shape too. The worst for me is that after having babies, my breasts have shrunk to about a bra size 34A. I virtually have nothing there. And Lynn, I wear tankinis with boy cut shorts or just regular shorts. That works better for me.