My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am struggling. It's hard to get the incentive. I know I look a little better, but I am not losing any weight. Well, okay, 6 pounds over 4 months. Hardly any. My clothes are all the same XL to XXL, though I am working out daily and watching what I eat. None of it seems to make much difference. Where's the breakthrough? Is this just middle-age madness and I will continue to be fat no matter what?

Am I only halting further gain, but not going to lose?  So I sit here typing when my dvd's are waiting for me. I got new workout capris and they are still in their bag. I want to see something happening here!

Off to walk, as soon as Dallen finishes his show. Kind of hard to use the dvd player at the same time, you know? Family rule is exercise comes before TV and movies, but it seems kind of rude to interrupt his show when I could have done this earlier today.

I will persist! And just to prove it I bought new blue stickers today! Can't let them go to waste!


  1. Oh yeah...totally understand. You've hit a plateau. How to get going? Here's what worked for me in the past. (I need to remember this when I hit my plateau this time around!!)

    1. You can tweak your diet for a few weeks - cut out more carbs, up your protein intake and add a lot more veggies every day. Really concentrate on a heart heathy diet, and absolutely positively NO EATING unless it's meal time and you're sitting at the table. With a proper place setting and napkin. You'd be suprised at how many calories I mindlessly consume every day.

    2. Drink more water. At least a quart a day, two is better.

    3. What also worked for me was to up the exercise, really ramp up, as in add an extra 30 minutes or more every day. I did everything I could - playing basketball with my kids, walking the dog, dancing in the living room, consciously fidgeting! Weight training helped, too, really pushing the poundage for lifting.

    4. If it doesn't break soon, check in with your Doctor to get your blood pressure checked, diabetes screening, blah blah blah.

    Hang in there. It is SO frustrating to be stuck at a weight. Sort of makes you want to tear your hair out and then lay on the floor screaming and kicking your heels like a two year old having a tantrum.

  2. Oh, I like the tantrum idea! I wonder how many calories that would burn!

    Thanks for the other ideas too. It's frustrating to be so stuck. I know I don't eat enough veggies-- it's so much easier to grab a tortilla or a piece of fruit.

  3. Six pounds in four months isn't too shabby! Better to lose 6 pounds than to gain it! When I stopped eating sweets because of my addiction, I figured as long as I was losing weight and not gaining, I was fine with that. And slowly the weight came off. I averaged about 20 pounds lost a year (about 1.67 pounds a month) and before I knew it, I had lost over 80 pounds. I say quit worrying about it, work out and eat right for your health, and enjoy life.