My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A clothing ad says "Flaunt that body for up to 75% off!" Sounds like a fun diet...can I please lose 40%?

Whoo-hoooooo, the immodesty diet!

Having to flaunt my body would probably be enough to get me to hurry to get in shape!  However, I am inclined, even when I am thin, to wear very unrevealing clothing.  I prefer to keep my private parts, well, private, and to leave some things to the imagination.  Hopefully people imagine them nice and smooth and not the reality of cellulite and wrinkles.

You know weight's on your mind when you see an ad for a "huge selection of styles" of plus-size dresses and you read it as "selection of huge styles."

If you find this post inappropriate, I apologize.  I just thought it was funny! The English language has so many variations in word usage, and so many ways to misinterpret things, especially if they are not clearly written in the first place.

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