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Friday, October 19, 2012


Our company is doing a Biggest Loser contest.  Several people expressed interest in it, but it wasn't going anywhere at our campus, so I took charge of it.  I am now official team captain, and my scale resides at work for the next 8 weeks.  That will keep me from stepping on it constantly as I focus on portion control and exercise.

The team captain is supposed to weigh everyone in on Fridays, but I don't usually work Friday.  The managers are not always available at the same time, so I enlisted the receptionist.  The scale sits behind her desk and she is the weight recorder now.  She has to sit there anyway, so why not?

My scale weighed a little lower than it does at home, so I was worried that moving it was the issue, since it's a little sensitive that way.  I figured out on my way home that it's the carpet in the reception area.  It has less resistance than the floor, so the scale registers less weight. 

We could solve it by putting the scale in the bathroom, but as long as we are consistent in where we weigh, I don't suppose it matters.  Cheer me on as I go through the next 8 weeks, trying to be the BIGGEST LOSER on my team!

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