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Saturday, October 27, 2012

When Thursday has a different opinion than Friday, whose opinion do you listen to?

Thursday was my TOPS weigh-in, and I lost a pound.  Not a lot but 4 sticks of butter, right?  Something to be happy about, and if I lose a pound every week, I'll  make my short-term goal in 15 weeks, and my long-term goal in a little over a year.  That would be something to be happy about.

Friday I went to the BIGGEST LOSER weigh-in, and it says I have gained 0.8 pounds.  How did that happen?  It's just no fair!  So, for this week, I prefer Thursday.  Definitely Thursday.

And the weekly winner of BIGGEST LOSER is my husband!  He lost 5 pounds.  He says his biggest change was paying attention to when he is full, and he stopped drinking a daily soda at work.  A 20-oz. soda has about 210 calories, so that's over 1000 calories dropped for the week right there.

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