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Monday, May 23, 2016

Relafen Withdrawal

The orthopedist prescribed nabumetone (brand name Relafen) to see if it would help my knee.  After a few weeks of it, I didn't see that it made much difference. My knee didn't seem much better.

The one place it did make a difference was digestion--for me it is extremely constipating. My functional medicine doctor has me taking enough vitamin C to give most people diarrhea, and it has a nice gentle laxative effect for me, almost enough to overcome the effects of the nabumetone.

What to do?  I decided to go off the nabumetone for a few days, but apparently quitting cold turkey was a huge mistake!  I have not had pain like this since before I changed my diet to avoid all the foods causing leaking gut syndrome. And then it was not often as bad as it has been over the last two days.

The pain has caused so much fatigue and emotional turmoil. I just didn't have the energy to deal with my little 3-year-old class yesterday, and they picked up on it and went wild. The ran down the hall away from me, and I let them. One of them escaped completely and I had to get another leader to go find him.  The mom arrived to pick up her twins, only to discover one was missing.  It was horrible!

After church I took one pill, and the pain eased somewhat. I took a long nap, and then was able to sleep in bed later. I felt a little better this morning, but still pretty sore, so I took one pill. The daily dose is two. I hope I don't have to go back to that.  I still managed to exercise both days, mostly complete my daily routine, and even do some sewing.

I have a trip to take this weekend and I am not looking forward to it, in the midst of what I call "fibro flare."  I'm not sure I really have fibromyalgia, but it's at least a term that people understand. Some of the fatigue and aches is probably coming from the viruses I saw in my blood tests, but apparently the nabumetone was helping with that. Without it I feel like I have the worst case of the flu ever. With it, I had mainly only a bad sore throat.

This coming Sunday I don't have to teach, so hopefully by the next week I will feel up to handling the class.

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