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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Why Do Some Girls Cut their Hair Really Short Like a Boy's?"

This question was asked by my 6-year-old grand-niece.  I gave her a serious answer. I did not get offended. She's only six, and just trying to understand.

I told her that for me, at least, it's because it's so easy to take care of.  It is easy to wash, and dries quickly, so I don't have to take time to fix it or go around with wet hair. I don't always feel well and I don't want to spend my energy taking care of my hair. She seemed to understand that and the conversation moved on.

What if we could all be so guileless?  I don't understand that, so I'll ask about it.  Maybe I'll learn something. Maybe I'll gain a better understanding of that person, or of some other aspect of life. Maybe it will lead to me liking them better, or the other extreme--to inwardly shuddering and moving on.  Maybe I'll offend someone, but maybe they'll actually be glad I asked.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll gain better perspective and be less judgmental.

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