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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventures in Eating

Eating in a new food rotation, at first, is an adventure in eating. It's like trying out various restaurants with different healthy menus.  Sometimes I love the food. Sometimes I don't. But each meal is an adventure.

Imagine taking a favorite comfort food and having to tweak it.  One of those for me is one my mom used to make--egg noodles cooked and mixed with butter, garlic, and parsley.  Now, adapt it to a new diet. I ended up with rice-based fettucine, cooked and mixed with vegan margarine and shopped chives. It could have used a little salt but it was pretty good.  I served it with sliced, steamed zucchini and summer squash. I like it with butter and onion, but onion's off my list for the moment, and I had enough margarine in the noodles.  It turned out that I loved it.  The squash had a rich, delightful flavor all on its own. 

For a while, each meal is a discovery. Breakfast today was mango and strawberries, pureed and mixed with ice and a tiny bit of stevia to make a smoothie.  It was simple but delicious, and with a small bowl of Rice Chex and rice milk, made a good breakfast.  I usually try to have protein for breakfast, but today I went without it.  

Today's nut choice is walnuts, and I have some, but I need to toast them. If I eat them raw, they hurt my throat. Since I haven't done it yet, I did not have any at breakfast.  Doing an internet search to learn how to roast them is the next thing on my list.  Last week, I dry-sauteed some of them and then cooked them with a wild rice blend.  We both thought it was great, a fun new twist on rice.

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