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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Not All Walking Workouts are Equal

In my exploration of Dewey 600, I came across several shelves of exercise DVD's.  I picked out a few that are walking workouts, just to change up my routine a little.  The first one is put out by Prevention, and it is fast-moving, even high impact at times.  While technically it is mostly walking, there is a bit of jogging and bouncing involved. I ignored those and did the best I could with my feet on the floor.

It was fun to have a change, but the first workout on this DVD is "Accelerated." It's only a mile, but a very fast mile!  My biggest problem with it was not the speed of walking, but the speed at which she makes changes. She uses several different steps, just jumping into them without a whole lot of introduction or explanation. Just as I began to felt like I was getting the hang of a step, she'd switch to another. Though she came back to some of them, there were a few that we did once and then moved on and I still have no sense of how to do them.

Part of this is me; my feet and my brain have a disconnect when it comes to learning steps.  I can catch on to dance steps, it just takes me a little longer.  So, personally, I prefer a workout that's a little more laid-back, a little easier to follow. 

On the positive side, it's only a "mile" workout, and I am used to some pretty intense miles, so I made it through and went on to my ten minutes of yoga.

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