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Friday, June 10, 2016

When a major portion of your meal turns out to taste bad--on the rotation diet!

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I've always liked jicama and planned on it for lunch today.  Unfortunately, it had a bad taste. That's the second time recently it has happened.  Bad luck, or just stored too long getting to Indiana?  

Jicama (pronounced hee-ka-ma) is a vitamin C packed crisp root vegetable
sometimes called the "yam bean".  It has a refreshing mild taste
similar to a green apple and is a staple of Mexican cuisine.
It can help fight wrinkles and crow's feet.  
It is usually eaten raw and customarily served with chile and lime.
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Now I am shy of jicama, at least here. I wonder if I could grow it. It would have to be in a planter, so I doubt it would be worth the trouble. I looked it up and it pretty much needs a tropical place, like Hawaii. All of the jicama found in our markets is produced in Mexico. 

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I had to look over the day's allowed foods list to see what I could find to eat instead, and settled on applesauce left over from last night and a little bigger serving of corn chips than I had planned. However, I am hungry.  I guess I'll go see what's on my snacks list for today. 

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