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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Shopping Day!

I finally got around to the shopping reward I promised myself--a few items of new clothing after my first goal.  I was tired, but I had made an appointment with a LulaRoe consultant, so I dragged myself out. I bought a dress and a skirt from her, and then went over to Kohl's for some jewelry to match.

I'll post pictures when I get the clothes on and take the pictures. I still need shoes and some underthings so I'm not ready to model yet.  But I think my sizes have gone down overall.

With LulaRoe, my sizes were kind of all over the place, so I recommend if you want to buy from them, you find a local consultant and try things on.  Then you can buy some things from one of the many online groups.  Just search "LulaRoe" on Facebook, for an example.

The clothes are super comfortable and there is a wide variety of fabrics.  And they are modest!  I did not have to go through aisles and racks of sleeveless, low cut, see-through items. Their plain color Classic Tees I found to be a bit thin, but at Kohl's they were the same way. They have other styles.

At Kohl's I tried on a couple of tops, and I have gone down at least one size.  That was encouraging. I decided to go to Walmart for simple, plain t-shirts. They usually have some in a heavier weight in v-neck or round neck, and for a lot less money.  If I was looking for long-term clothing, I might look for better quality, but hopefully this is just one size on the way down!

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