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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Goal Failure--Restart Needed!

From Dave Ramsey on Facebook

The quote above is an interesting thought. He didn't say anything about reaching the goals, only about how you see your situation.

I know that keeping a chart helps me stick with the workout part of my goals, but I have been failing at the "after breakfast" part, especially since we started having "dinner" earlier in the day.  It seems like once that's over, and my husband has gone to work, I have let my day get derailed.  And it's only 2:00 in the afternoon.

I like this thought, because whether it's a financial goal, as Dave Ramsey focuses on, or a fitness goal, or getting a job, or whatever, writing it down is a step toward seeing it become clear.  

I have a goal of getting a job in a library, and I know the steps I need to take.  I need to write them down and check them off daily just like my other goals. When I write them down, including the mini-goals it will take, I will see them more clearly and it will seem more possible instead of discouraging. I had a phone interview last week, but I didn't have a feeling of success at the end, and I was right. 
I think one of the goals should be to keep a record of interview questions I am asked, going back after interviews to review the question and other possible answers, until I can do them comfortably.

 I also need to focus some attention on the goals I already have, finishing up the day's quotas before I go off on distractions.

There, now I am feeling more focused, not such a failure.  Now I need to take the actions, not just meditate upon them.  But even the thinking, preparing to write them down, is part of the process.  Off to find a pencil...

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