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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Paleo Diet or Heart Diet? Why not both?

The doctor went over my recent heart screening and there was a lot of warning red ink on there!  She also said I am pre-diabetic.  And this after  six months of exercise and eating less. I hate to think what they were before.

Now she wants me to make over my diet even more.  The official name of the diet is the "IFM CARDIOMETABOLIC FOOD PLAN."

From the cover of the "Comprehensive Guide for the IFM Cardiometabolic Food Plan."  

She said it's really quite a bit like the paleo diet.  I do have to cut back sugar almost entirely, and fruits to no more than two a day.  My poor sweet tooth is going to feel awfully deprived until I get used to it.  And my poor husband has to deal with all this as I adapt to one food change after another. This is a crazy journey.

In addition to the heart issues, my cortisol levels are not dropping in the evening like they should, which is why I can't fall asleep at night, so I've got a new supplement that may help with that.  If I can start getting decent rest, that should help me regain my energy.  I'll let you know...

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