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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Not in my PJ's Any More

I got frustrated a few times while doing downward dog and plank poses in yoga. I needed to see down the whole length of my body to monitor myself, and my loose p.j. tops would fall and get in the way. One day I got up and put on a pair of yoga pants and tight tank top that I had bought to wear with a swimsuit.

Besides being able to see better, I felt different.  I discovered that when I put on workout clothing, I felt stronger, more powerful, like I could work harder and improve.  I like this feeling, so I started wearing workout clothes every day. I feel more like an athlete.

I treat them a bit like high school gym clothes, minus the locker.  I hang them on a hook at the back of my bedroom door for airing out, and wash them on the weekend. I do have more than one set, in case I really don't want to wear them all week. Unlike gym, I wear clean socks on the days my workouts require shoes.  I have a strong dislike of dirty socks. Once they are off my feet, even if they've only been on for a little while, I am done with them. Into the laundry they go!

When I'm out in public, I like to have modest clothing on, so I bought a t-shirt style, fitted but not skin-tight workout shirt for bike rides.  It'll be nice because it won't catch the wind the way my looser t-shirts do.  Now I'm excited for my next ride, later this week.

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