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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Allergies? No, I just can't see or breathe or think...

I think I've always had allergies, but they are getting worse.  Or are they?

When I was a kid, I used to wake up with my eyes so gummed up I couldn't open them.  I had to wash them over and over with warm water to even be able to see.  This went away eventually, but as an adult we had a cat and I realized after a while that I am allergic to cats.

Oven cleaner...forget it.  Can't breathe.  Perfume? Gives me a headache.  Dust? sneeze and congestion.  Prairie wildflowers...yeah, I'm still barely over that one, from last Friday.  Luckily most domesticated flowers don't bother me. 

Today I had a little trouble finding a doctor's office, so I wandered around the complex a bit, and it smelled like weed killer/fertilizer chemicals.  That is one nasty smell, and this afternoon I got a headache.  While I can't say definitively that one caused the other, it's one more reason to do things as naturally as possible.  Meanwhile, my eyes itch again.

The sum of all this is that I am glad to have Leslie Sansone's program, a safe, low impact indoor workout.  At this time of the year, I am best off to be indoors, no matter how nice the weather.

I'm still walking to work, so far at least, and I hope I can keep that up.  The five or ten minutes of sunshine is worth it! 

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  1. I wish people realized how there are many who cannot tolerate their perfumes. Just last week I sat in a class and started to get a headache from someone's perfume, so I had to switch seats with someone.