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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh Nuts! Bring on the Elephants!

Some friends took us out to eat at Texas Roadhouse tonight.  I had no problem resisting the lovely white, fresh, homemade rolls, since they are made from wheat flour and drenched in butter, as long as they kept them out from under my nose.  I had a small steak, most of my sweet potato, and picked at my applesauce.  So why do I feel so full?

Oh yeah, it might be the peanuts.  I will know next time to shell a little handful and then ignore the bucket of them sitting close by.  I don't know how many exactly I ate, but it was a lot.

I don't like feeling this full, but at least I decided the clean plate club is for the birds!  I left the uneaten parts of dinner sitting on my plate.  And I had lost a pound. Oh nuts!  I'll have to learn from this; even peanuts are filling if you eat enough of them!

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  1. Oh goodness I love eating those peanuts. I am so full of them by the time dinner arrives, I can barely eat my meal. I need to do as you suggested, just take a a few and get the bucket out of reach.

  2. And by the way... I like your new blog name! Good choice.