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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Walking Alone and Running Up Stairs

Last night Reg couldn't walk with me because he had homework to finish, so I walked alone. I popped in "A Closer Walk" (Leslie Sansone Christian DVD), a two-miler I haven't done before. It was energetic but not too hard, and she had some new elements I hadn't seen before. I enjoyed it. Then Reg finished up, so we talked through the last few minutes of my workout, the cooldown and stretch.

When I got to Dr. Preston's office today, I ran up the flight of stairs to the second floor. I wasn't even winded when I got to the top. I used to go up three flights at the children's hospital when Chim was in there, and I could hardly make it. (That's the closest I can get to Mitch backwards!)

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