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Monday, March 23, 2009

What I Hate About Being Fat! #4--Weighing in!

When I weigh on a scale in public I wonder what others may be thinking. Yeah, that lady needs to get on a scale! Look at the size of her butt!

Okay, I know they are probably not thinking of me at all; it's just self-consciousness talking, but it is still uncomfortable. I weigh in on a public scale anyway, at the gym, because I don't keep a scale at home. I used to weigh at work, but the gym scale is electronic and hopefully more consistent. Balance scales are harder to get just right. The gym scale is also a tiny bit more private.

You know what I hate? When I go to the doctor's office and they tell me to weigh on the way in to the examination room. So there I am, holding my purse, coat, book or magazine, maybe a grandchild's hand, and I'm supposed to weigh? So do I set the stuff all down while the nurse waits? Or ask if I can go to an exam room first and then come back to the scale?


  1. One of the things we had with Holly was that she was weighed by two different nurses, and they don't have an "office standard" for how much to deduct (as every patient is different). So even though the scaled amount was only a pound or two higher, the amount on the charts was 6 pounds higher! (Which, in her case, is good, of course).

    Maybe you should ask how they handle it at each office, and if you can drop stuff off first, and then come back. The worst that can happen is they say no, and you end up back where you are now...

  2. I have the same anxiety over weighing in... only backwards! I'm afraid of stepping on the scale and seeing I've lost pounds again! Of course, I'm in a different situation, being pregnant. I'm shooting to hit at least 130 by the time this kid comes out, and unlike most women post-baby I want to keep most of it on!