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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Women's Clothing Sizes

Why are clothing sizes for women so weird? I've had shirts in SMLX, dresses and pants in 10-18, by even sizes only, or 14W-18W, (and is that W for Wide Load?)

Underpants are half the size of pants, so if my pants are a 10, (I wish!) my undies are a 5--and it took me 40 years to figure that out! Bras are by measurement around and cup size, so they are like 28AA to 52E. Shoes are 5-13, and socks are based on shoe size but they come in a range like 9-11, or 7-10, and often fit badly. And why do shoes start at 5?

Junior Sizes are 1-15, by odd sizes and are a narrower waist cut than misses or women's. So some very cute clothes are not going to fit the mature woman.
Then there is the problem of things that are sized 14/16, for example. Are they going to be too big or too small?

And then you get all that figured out and then you go to certain stores (like Bonworth) where everything is cut large, so a medium is a L-XL in any other company.
And lets not even go into swimsuits! And Petites! And what if my torso is petite but my legs are long, or the other way around?

Men's sizes are a much simpler system, but I'll go into that another day.

Dress picture from: Hasslefree Clip Art


  1. Kevin says women's underwear are about half the size of their pants, so that's why the half sizing. But many are only about 1/10 the size...or less!

  2. I had to chuckle over the bra sizes. When I turned 50 I decided to see if I was measuring properly for a bra. I used a bra measuring calculator I found on-line. I followed the directions and entered each measurement as it directed. When I finished, the calculator told me I had a small chest and did not need to wear a bra!!! I was indignant and yelled at the computer, "Tease me all you want about being FIFTY, but don't call me FLAT!"

  3. I hear you on sizing! Dominic could never by me clothes because there is too much of a variance in sizing!
    And the same goes for baby clothes! Not all 0-3 months are created equal! Ryan has such a long torso and short legs with an itty-bitty waist... He fits in 9 month pants and 18 month onsies, but only in certain brands! It drives me nuts! Carter's brand have a nice long torso, but there pants don't fit him... and Wal-mart's pants fit great, but thier onsies are too chort and fat!

  4. Yes, Ryan is such a Ford baby! My three oldest are built like that, Dominic most of all. And I am that way too. My sister is 4 inches taller than me--and we have the same torso length.