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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bicycle and Balance

When I first got my bicycle home a few days ago, I rode it the little child's way, perched on the seat with my feet hanging down, ready to hit the ground at any moment. I wasn't even close to peddling. I just straddled it and sort of walked it around the driveway with my feet a couple of times.

Finally I got the courage to put one foot up on a pedal and sort of coast in circles, but that high pedal made me feel extremely off-balance. However, after a few circles that way, I got very brave and put my foot up on the high pedal and pushed off--and coasted!  Eventually I managed to balance and ride with both feet on the pedals. I didn't go very far, but it was very good progress for one night.

It seems to me the pedaling was too easy, so I asked my husband for pointers on how to switch gears, and figured out which hand motions to make, so I can practice that as I ride.

I went online and started looking for beginner's bicycle clubs or classes, and instead I came across this video:

I think it's fascinating how the motions of bicycling can help with something as complicated as Parkinson's disease.  I think if I keep trying, it will definitely help improve my balance.  Now I just need a bike for my husband, so we can ride together.

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